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Each Doll is exquisitely china painted (not glazed) and fired a number of times from 1220 - 720 F They are made of porcelain with fine features and beautiful faces. Compare these beautiful dolls with others you have seen and see the difference for yourself.
Half Dolls date back to 1840, when Sculptors and Painters produced nude half dolls, ranging in height from 11.5 cm to 23 cm (4 1/2" - 9") and others with sculptured clothing which measured 2.5 cm to 17.5 cm (1" - 6 3/4") The artists drew their inspiration from painted portraits, paying meticulous attention to detail. They became very popular in the 1900's and were used on Pincushions, tassels, tea cosies, lamps, brooch holders, feather dusters, small boxes, powder puffs, milk jug covers, perfume bottles, cushions, framed collages and pot pourri cushions and many more items. They can be embellished with silk, rayon, or organza ribbon work, beads, doilies and beautifully dyed lace. You are only limited by your own imagination.
All the different elements that are used to create the half dolls may be bought seperately, there are also loose legs that can be attached to all the dolls in the range.
(see pincushion dolls in the Gallery)